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How to Deal With Jewelry Suppliers

When you’re a newcomer to the world of jewelry, it can be easy to fall into the hands of less than reputable retailers. This is especially true if you choose to purchase your own handmade jewelry from an online source, without checking the reputation of the company or the seller’s credentials. There are a number of things you can do to ensure that you get good quality jewelry from trustworthy Jewelry suppliers. The easiest thing to do is ask around. Get recommendations from friends, family and colleagues.

Once you’ve gathered a list of potential jewelry suppliers, it’s time to start doing some research into their business practices and track record. Make sure to learn about the company and its history. Are they family-owned? Or do they sell directly to customers on the internet? Do they provide guarantee or refund policy? Once you know the kind of business they’re in, make sure to call them and check out the quality of their products.

Be wary of online jewelry suppliers who use fancy language when describing their work or use fancy packaging. Many unscrupulous sellers try to impress buyers by sending them high-quality but cheap items, hoping that they will fall in love with them and become regular clients. Always remember that your jewelry pieces are delicate and need careful handling.


To avoid dealing with a fake supplier, be sure to verify their contact information. Look for a physical address and phone number and verify if they have been registered by the government as a reseller or distributor. You should also be able to reach the company either by phone or email. Read up on any customer reviews available online. The more you understand about how a company operates, the easier it will be to deal with them.

It’s important to ask about any special offers that the company is offering its customers. If you’re buying a large amount of jewelry supplies, ask whether you can enjoy wholesale rates. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to get discounts on bulk orders. You can also look for jewelry suppliers who offer volume discounts – you’ll save a lot of money when you’re able to buy in bulk.

Make a list of all the jewelry suppliers you come across. Ask for some feedback from previous clients, too. Check out their website for more information. When you’ve short-listed a few potential suppliers, arrange to visit them in person to get an idea of how they operate. When you find a supplier you like, don’t hesitate to negotiate the price, since quality is an important factor when you’re buying in bulk.